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We aim to provide quality education from kindergarten to matric



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Have a look at the The Fast School & Science Academy.

Why choose The Fast school?

We aim to provide quality education from kindergarten to matric

Experienced Staff

We have a well experienced and cooperative staff that tries to stay ahead of everyone. They try to maintain a sound relation with every student and help each of them individually without discriminating. Our staff pays extra attention to the students who need it so that they can walk hand in hand with other students.

Well-Equipped Labs

At the fast school we have well equipped labs so that our students can practically experience what they study at school. They are trained to be fearless and are provided with multiple opportunities of questioning and understanding things the way they want. As we do not want them to fit into the formerly formed abstract structures.

Extracurricular Activities

Along with all the educational facilities we try to engage our students in all kinds of extracurricular activities. All these activities give them opportunities to recognize education as a pursuit that can benefit them individually and is also good for the society.

Sports Festival

Every year sports festivals are arranged at the school that help our students to stay active and fresh. As this is our mantra that a healthy body has a healthy mind.

Drama Festival

Drama festivals are also organized at the school that let our students explore their inner creative selves by performing in front of people. We give opportunities to the students to write, sing and act so that they can find out what they are good at.


117-2-C1 Township Lahore, Pakistan

Mobile: 0321 4469104